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1080p Digital download of We RISE. One chapter in Charlottesville's own narrative, the pledge to put division behind us.

Buy it, download it, upload it to your own site or social media. The story lives with you.


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We RISE 2k

A 2k Digital download of We RISE, suitable for public exhibition. Add it to your institution's media projection and show an audience that you aspire to do better, you aspire to lead.

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With our progressive spirit... We RISE

Folklore is one of my personal favorites, in the catalog of human creation. Division is decidedly not. By sharing our differences through visceral descriptions of life's mysteries, we find common ground with family, neighbors, and our children.

Once Upon a Time... 

We exchanged stories while gathered around a common hearth, but the fire we more commonly flock to today is a digital display, our experience is only shared one-way, and our folklore is too often told by disconnected producers, feigning our story, without ever walking in our streets.

We are the folk. We know our own story, and we have the skill to create and share it. We RISE is a call to action, a pledge to end division, a commitment to use our voice.

We Rise is still $1000 short of making it's production budget, with a goal of raising an additional $8,000 beyond, to begin work on the next installment of the human unity narrative.



...will soon become a hub of Charlottesville folklore, a place for poetry and prose, through words, images, and sounds. A place for documentary and narrative works, for high fiction and low-down reality... in short, a place for the modern folktale, for we are the people of these crucial times, and we have stories worthy to share.

Please consider downloading your own digital copy of We RISE and/or making a donation to the cause. The donations made will be used to pay the artists behind We RISE, and go towards the production costs of future works from our community. With your donation, you could give voice to the unspoken, bridge divide between people here and now, and usher in a new narrative for Charlottesville, of our own design.

The grand ambition of the POWERHOUSE is two fold:

1) I would like to create films illustrating the common force in our human condition, films that study love, justice, immigration, economic division, racism, and many more - with use of creative storytelling techniques I've learned on production sets around the world. It's always been a dream of mine to apply these techniques to my own situation, in my own community, offering training and a job to my neighbors to complete them. I would like your financial help, if this is something you'd like to see.

2) There are more narratives from where We RISE came from, aimed at disabling division, by expressing unique voices to find common ground. We deserve to hear from those in our community who've never been allowed to speak, nor given the tools. We need to hear from those who've often pondered the backbone of hatred. We should see imagery from those with vision for their truths. These could be films, photographs, audio recordings, paintings... anything. Together we can put these works to the pantheon of modern folklore.

Please contact cvillepowerhouse@gmail.com with any thoughts, suggestions, and artistic contributions.

Thank you,

Johnny Saint Ours


Please Visit our partners:

VAULT VIRGINIA -Our leading sponsor

RAPTURE - Our host for the shoot

AARON FARRINGTON - Collodian Tintype Maestro

ABEL OKUGAWA - Editor and Composer

WHITE STAR SOUND - Recording of the Voiceover

SKY CLAD AERIAL - Aerial Footage

AUSTIN BURNETTE - Camera Operator